A track record of service excellence.


Darren Dixon helped grow 21 locations from zero to $141 million in only four years for the fastest independently owned residential service business in North America.   

For over 25 years, Darren Dixon has been highly successful in the Home Services industry. Early in his career, Darren’s drive for success led him to industry icons Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson. Under their mentorship, Darren grew his company in Las Vegas, Nevada from $2.5 million to $17 million in less than five years.   


At the age of 34, Darren and his partner sold their Las Vegas operation to Clockwork Home Services (the parent company of One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky Electric) and Darren became Director of Retail and Franchise Development for Clockwork.


Responsible for the acquisition, growth, and management of 21 company-owned locations from California to South Carolina and Florida to Minnesota, Darren helped grow Clockwork’s revenue from zero to $141 million in only four years. During Darren’s tenure, Clockwork became the fastest growing independently owned residential service business in North America.


As a father to eight children, Darren made a decision to leave the ever-demanding national leadership role and utilized his exceptional business success and expertise in HVAC operational excellence on the local level. Darren took over as Executive Vice President of Unique Home Services in Sarasota, Florida, where he grew the company’s revenue from $10 million to $27 million, which led to Unique’s acquisition by a national consolidator.   


Over the course of his career, Darren has used his vast knowledge and experience in training, operations, marketing, innovation, and sales to assist thousands of individuals advance and grow their HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical companies, including many recognized names in the national HVAC scene.  


Now, as the Head of Business Development at PRAXIS S-10, the fastest-growing success college for contractors, Darren is using his industry experience and business expertise to help contractors achieve high levels of success and prosperity. Whether its teaching HVAC business owners how to develop market dominant sales teams, achieve consistent business growth, or the mastery of hiring and training high-producing technicians, few have the knowledge, skill, and experience possessed by Darren.



a teacher and mentor


“In 1996 I was young and looking for answers as to how I could grow and succeed in the HVAC industry. Terry’s passion and humor quickly attracted me to his way of teaching and I adapted what he taught me into my day to day management. His uncanny ability to take a challenge and break it down into easy to understand steps made him the teacher I needed. Following the system Terry taught me had an immediate impact on the success of my company, and within a few short years we were not only the industry leaders in Las Vegas, but we were also on our way to levels of success I had only dreamed of. Now, more than 20 years later, I have witnessed Terry’s leadership impact the lives of thousands of people like me…who not only see Terry as a mentor, but also call him a friend.

– darren dixon

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