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Success College for HVAC Contractors is HERE!

Plus the New HVAC Business Model Called PriceFixer™

Do you hear the buzz in your ear about the evolving world of HVAC? The current landscape, as we know it, is about to dramatically change…there’s a new model in town for doing business, and with this change on the horizon, contractors are lining up for Success Day to learn exactly how they can become a part of the movement. To start, here’s an eye-opening exercise for you. Identify the largest, most successful residential service contractors across the United States. Do you recognize any similarities? The majority of these contractors at one time were clients of Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson.

Abrams and Nicholson have a 23-year history of collaboration. They established quite a reputation for helping contractors achieve tremendous success and for building big contracting businesses before selling their company, Clockwork Home Services — the parent company of One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky — to Direct Energy for $183 million in 2010. Prior to Clockwork Home Services, in 1996 Abrams founded the HVAC industry’s first publicly traded company, Service Experts.

Some of the more seasoned contractors may remember when Abrams invented the “best practice” concept for contractors when he founded Contractors Success Group with long- time business partner John Young.

Mr. Abrams is the Dale Carnegie of HVAC success, quite simply put.


Being the business builders they are, retirement is not really in the vocabulary of these guys. Now that their non-compete agreements have expired from Direct Energy, the dynamic duo is at it again and their future shines brighter than the sun.

Today, Abrams and Nicholson are set to launch PRAXIS S-10™ Success College for Contractors. A major change is occurring in the HVAC industry. To meet the demands of consumers, they have created an innovative new HVAC business model for service contractors called PriceFixer™. It’s designed to generate highly profitable replacement sales with no salespeople, no selling technicians, and no commissions. Consumers are absolutely going to love it, hands down.

This time they are focusing on helping the smaller contractor achieve success. PriceFixer™ is tailor-made for the small HVAC contractor who needs more highly profitable replacement sales, or plumbers who want to add HVAC to their service offerings.

Small contractors battle for market supremacy against large contractors. They lack the resources to train, advertise and market like large contractors. This creates many obstacles for small contractors that threatens their ability to survive and makes it difficult to succeed.

Abrams and Nicholson are launching PRAXIS S-10™ with Jimmy Hiller, a former student of theirs and owner of Nashville, Tennessee-based Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. When Hiller first met Mr. Abrams and Mr. Nicholson he was a struggling contractor with two employees, in debt up to his eyeballs. Hiller has since grown his company from one truck to 630 employees with 12 locations in three states as a direct result of their mentorship and application of the praxis principles for small business success taught by Abrams.

PRAXIS S-10™ is the premier Success College for Contractors and members will receive four major components:

  1. The knowledge that was never taught at trade school on how to manage a profitable contracting company.
  2. PriceFixer™, the innovative new business model that generates replacement sales with no salespeople, no selling technicians and no commissions.
  3. Discounts and savings on virtually any item a contractor would purchase.
  4. An e-training solution designed to create the world’s greatest employees.

Through the PRAXIS S-10™ principles of small business management developed by the world’s leading authority on HVAC success, contractors acquire advanced technical and business knowledge. This 10-step proven formula for success is the small contractor’s roadmap to accelerated growth and profits. The praxis principles of success have been acclaimed and studied in various business and trade publications.


The buzz is getting louder! PRAXIS S-10™ is hosting five free national events across the country called Success Day – The HVAC Contractor’s Guide to Greatness, to introduce the Success College for Contractors.

    • September 17, 2016 Newark, NJ
    • September 24, 2016 Chicago, IL
    • October 1, 2016 Orlando, FL
    • October 8, 2016 Dallas, TX
    • October 15, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

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Transforming great technicians into Owners of great businesses

"Successful contractors are made not born. I'm living proof. When I met Mr. Abrams I was a struggling contractor with 2 employees. After applying his principles, I'm now a regional powerhouse with 12 locations."

– Jimmy Hiller

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To Succeed!

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What Members Are Saying About Praxis S-10...

  • “Great day. Great opportunity.”

    Steve Moon

  • “A great way to build a business. I think it’s a great way to leverage competition.”

    Herman Sears

    A1AC and Heating
  • “…a neat, effective, well thought out package.”

    Mitch Rosa

    Hudson Valley HVAC
  • “Very informative and innovative.”

    Andrew J Pribzick III

    Energetic Air
  • “Success Day was an informative, no pressure event that allowed us to see the future and presented an opportunity to be successful going forward.”

    Ward Woodruff

    Hurley and David, Inc.
  • “It was great. I had no idea what to expect coming from a very successful mid-sized HVAC company that is already members of other groups. But this is totally different!”

    Gary Woodruff

    Hurley and David, Inc.
  • “Very interesting and eye opening.”

    Michael Scirocco

    East Coast Air
  • “Very interesting.”

    Tony Kane

    Archie Heating
  • “A great presentation.”

    Steve Lewallen

    Steve’s Plumbing
  • “Great program, very informational.”

    Colleen Kilzer

    Dependable Heating and Cooling

A sample of what you will discover on your HVAC Success Call:

New World of HVAC

Introducing the New World of HVAC and how it impacts YOU. Find out how the scale has shifted in favor of the contractor and exactly what that means for your business.


PriceFixer™: The Breakthrough HVAC model specifically designed to increase replacements so you can stop selling and start installing.

Increase Sales

How to generate a steady stream of replacement sales with:

  • No salespeople.
  • No selling techs.
  • No commissions.

Remote Control

Techniques you can quickly apply to your business, which will allow you to run shop by remote control.


How to FLOOD your business with replacements using “Push Button” marketing techniques.


How to leverage the “big guys” massive advertising campaigns to help you make a ton of money.


How to gain a crushing advantage over all your competitors and become the business you’ve always wanted.


The advanced business strategies evidenced to transform your business into a profitable, money-making machine.

Recession Proof

How to transform your business into a “Recession-Proof” fortress so you never lose money again.

For over forty years

Contractors have asked the same questions:

How do I make more money?
How do I make my phone ring?
How do I make more sales?

The questions remain the same… The answers are totally different! What you thought you knew about HVAC is about to be turned upside down.

Praxis S-10® is the HVAC contractor's guide to greatness. Secure your future, schedule a call, and you will discover the knowledge you need to achieve phenomenal success!

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    Praxis S-10™

    About Us

    PRAXIS S-10® is the Exclusive Success College for Contractors.

    Jim Abrams Success Story

    Jim Abram’s Track Record of Success

    • Manufacturing
    • Contractor
    • Distributor
    • Affinity Group
    • Consolidator
    • Franchising
    • Utility

    For over four decades, Jim Abrams has been at the epicenter of every major change that has occurred in the HVAC industry… He’s known as the “Professor of Profits.” As a leading industry influencer and innovator, Jim has unprecedented experience throughout every inch of the world of contracting. He has taken his deep knowledge and understanding in contracting and business, and created a time-tested and proven 10-step formula for success. Now he has made this most closely guarded secret formula available to contractors everywhere seeking success via PRAXIS S-10™, the premier Success College for Contractors.


    In the 70’s, Jim led Trane’s entry into the residential HVAC business and took Trane’s “Five Saluting Men” nationwide. Perfecting the “Add-on” business, created a prosperous model for residential contractors.

    His unending entrepreneurial spirit led to the opening of his own business in the 80’s. They called him “The King of Replacements,” as he rapidly built the largest residential service company in North America. His innovations continued. Using unorthodox methods such as telemarketing, foot canvassers and direct mail he was the first contractor with over 10,000 service agreements.

    Next, Jim thought of a way to increase profitability. He entered the distribution business in order to supply his own company with equipment. Throughout this portion of his career, he shifted the marketplace from one that was considered too cold for heat pumps into one where heat pumps were a hot commodity. Jim was the first contractor to offer 10-year parts and labor, and the first contractor to private label HVAC equipment.

    In the 90’s Jim founded Contractors Success Group where he invented the contracting industry’s “Best Practice” concept. One out of two of the contractors that followed his wisdom, techniques and best business practices went on to become millionaires and multi-millionaires.

    Jim invented HVAC consolidation when he founded Service Experts. This was the first publicly traded HVAC Company, which grew to its peak of nearly a Billion-dollar residential service company. Then Jim took a very brief retirement – but he did not stay away for too long.

    Within the first decade of the 21st century, surpassing his first “Best Practice” organization, he launched what became the industry’s largest “Best Practice” organization, AirTime 500, Plumbers’ Success International, Electricians’ Success International and Roofers’ Success International.

    During this same time period, he built one of the largest residential service contracting companies in America, generating over $188 Million dollars in residential service revenue.

    Next, he introduced branding to the HVAC industry when he founded One-Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. With the rapid rise of this company, to his credit he has built two of the largest HVAC residential service companies in America.

    Almost all of the largest and most successful HVAC contractors in North America today have been clients and are using this business model created and developed by Jim Abrams.

    You can too, through his Guiding Principles for HVAC Success, now being taught at PRAXIS S-10™, the Success College for Contractors.

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