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Fast-track your residential HVAC business success with an arsenal of 26 "A to Z" Member Benefits.


Your Membership includes everything you need to succeed.

Your membership in PRAXIS S-10 includes an arsenal of strategy, productivity, systems, procedures and confidence building tools to excel in the residential HVAC home services business — including one-on-one lifetime Strategic Mentoring for every member of your team. Your challenges become our challenges. Our solutions become your solutions. Together, we’ll help you, step-by-step, to build the very best HVAC business in your market. You’ll discover how to grow your business and dominate your competition. To close more sales and make the phone ring even in the off season. You’ll perfect your team with our industry-leading employee development and learning systems. This is your time to shine and to start your personal and extraordinary journey to the life and business of your dreams. Are you ready to excel and take your business to the next level and beyond? Join us. Together we are Contractor Strong.

Terry Nicholson talks about a few of the many Member Benefits of PRAXIS S-10.

Maximize your yield. Make more money. Grow your business. Everything you need to achieve success is right here.

  1. Lifetime one-on-one strategic mentoring.

  2. Complete business development systems and strategies for owners and managers.

  3. Turnkey “Maximum Yield Performance” skill development courses for every position in your company.

  4. The HVAC industry’s most advanced continuing education technical skill development and learning systems.

  5. Unfiltered “x-ray” access to Jimmy Hiller’s operations — the nation’s largest independently owned "super-regional" home services company.

  6. Immediate cash savings via membership group buying power rebates for just about everything you use in your business.

  7. Precision strategic business plans created exclusively and specifically for your HVAC business and growth strategies – including proven systems and procedures to make your business Plumber Strong™ for Members who also offer residential plumbing services.

  8. The time tested and proven guide to HVAC operational excellence known as the “PRAXIS S-10 10 Pillars of Success”.                                                                                           

  9. Annual Maximum Yield financials dissection and cash flow analysis of your business operations.

  10. Turnkey "million dollar" professional marketing tools, systems, messaging and techniques including Social, Digital, PPC, Email, Print, Radio,Television and more.

  11. Instant access to technician recruitment systems and proprietary “green-tech” development programs.

  12. Maximum Yield contracting business acquisition and exit strategies consultation — including exclusive access to one of America’s most respected contracting business valuation organizations.

  13. Full access to the PRAXIS S-10 “ready-to-use” library of customer and business operational forms.

  14. New Member “Launch” to fast-track your road to success.

  15. Weekly “Power Hour” sessions with Jimmy Hiller and Terry Nicholson.

  16. Numerous events and online seminars and strategy sessions.

  17. Member only access to special vendor presentations and new product “sneak preview” introductions.

  18. Exclusive discounts on advanced manufacturer training and systems.

  19. One-on-one Maximum Yield profit sessions to help you immediately identify profit opportunities within your company.

  20. Special online training sessions for specialized tools and diagnostic systems and techniques that are new to the market.

  21. Immediate access to timely skill development videos and online resources.

  22. Access to discounted service vehicle leasing and maintenance programs.

  23. Negotiated “no cost” access to financial resources.

  24. Discounted access to business operations software and systems.

  25. Communication system discounts for your office and field technicians.

  26. The PRAXIS S-10® Contractor Strong® “Commitment To Success” guarantee.

Are you ready to maximize your personal and business success and make your business Contractor Strong? Take the first step to a better future. Schedule your personal Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session today.

What is a Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session?  Watch the video here. >

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