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Don't waste your hard earned money on contracting business systems that don't work. Ours do.

PRAXIS S-10 proven contracting solutions page

Our proving grounds are in our own residential contracting businesses. You’ll never spend another dime on business solutions that don’t work.

No matter what type of contracting business solution you need, it's right here. From state-of-the-art education, operations, management, and inventory to sales, marketing, and increasing your profit, PRAXIS S-10 has the solutions. You won't ever need to "experiment" with your hard earned money to search for solutions that simply don't work. Ours do. They're proven in our own companies first. Real HVAC contracting solutions from real contractors. Are you ready to transform your residential service company?

Everything's included.

Everything you need to help you achieve the level of success you desire is included in your membership. There are no add-ons or additional costs. There are no "membership tiers" or complicated systems based on the size of your company. Every member receives our undivided attention. We work for you. Our sole mission is to see you succeed, no matter how you define success. From one-on-one strategic mentoring to our library of over 400 Maximum Yield lesson modules (with new content being added every month), group buying power, and proven customized solutions to every business challenge you face. The answers and solutions are right here. That's Contractor Strong. That's PRAXIS S-10.

More money
Making more money.

No one owns a business and thinks to themselves, “I wish I made less money.” If you’re like most contractors, you’re looking to make more money. The proven PRAXIS S-10 system will give you the roadmap to increasing your business' profitability and your profit margins. There are so many small changes you can make that will add up to big success with a big payout. Your employees will make more money too; thus, increasing their buy-in to your success!  


There is no question that this business is changing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make great money. PRAXIS S-10 will work with your leadership team to ensure efficiency at every level to elevate your success. As the business grows the right way, so will your bank account! 

Finding and retaining great technicians & employees.

Because the skill level of your employees shapes the customer’s perception of your company’s competency, employees are either an organization’s most valuable asset or a reputation-destroying liability.  This is why at PRAXIS S-10 we believe companies don’t fail, people do. 


Therefore, a huge focus is placed on helping your organization become the most desirable place to work; where top talent beats a path to your door.  In addition, you will also acquire the skills necessary to recruit, develop, and maintain a team of the industry’s most productive employees.   


PRAXIS S-10 proudly supports the Transition to Trades program helping soldiers who have honorably served their country find career opportunities in the trades.  Former soldiers are hardworking, loyal, and disciplined individuals who already understand the importance of following systems and procedures… the type of people who will provide customer service that builds loyal, repeat clients.  This is just one way we ensure our members have a leg up when it comes to their workforce.


Your ability to recruit, develop, and maintain top talent defines your success.  PRAXIS S-10 has a proven system to help your company and your employees be defined only by excellence. 

Making the phone ring year-round.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. To enjoy a thriving organization, a service company must master the art of attracting new customers even in the shoulder seasons.  PRAXIS S-10 will help you develop a promotional-based advertising program designed to draw in customers, even when weather and urgent need aren’t factors. There will always be an “off-season,” but with the PRAXIS S-10 system, you will discover how to remain profitable during those times. PRAXIS S-10 teaches you the tactical approach necessary for each time of year in order to maximize profitability. You need an approach to advertising that changes with the seasons, and we have the plan to help attract customers all year long. 

Growing your business.

As an owner, and as an organization, growth is imperative. There are two types of growth, linear and transformational. Linear growth doesn’t require major behavioral changes but rather focuses on improving performance on every call opportunity your team is presented with. PRAXIS S-10 will teach you about transformational growth, centered on intensive planning, strategy, learning, development, and daily management oversight. 


PRAXIS S-10 helps you, as a leader, to develop realistic and attainable goals to grow your market share while improving your life and the lives of your employees. You can only take so many calls in a day, and there are only so many homes in a given market. Identifying how you can win, and where you can achieve growth, is important. Having PRAXIS S-10 on your team is the right step towards a better future and will lead to transformation in your business and throughout your entire life. 

Creating an exit strategy.

There’s a little secret a lot of business owners don’t know: The day you get into the business is the day you need to start thinking about getting out of the business. Sound crazy? It’s not. Think about it. Do you want to be running service calls, or do you want to be managing and developing the team that can help you be profitable and successful long term? If you ever want to take a family vacation, or even just a day off, your business cannot be dependent on you! 


Every business owner has a different idea when they think about their future. If your goal is to pass your business down to your family, PRAXIS S-10 can help maintain and expand your legacy. If you want to make money off of your business from afar, so-called "mailbox money," where you stay home and simply walk out to the mailbox to pick up your check, PRAXIS S-10 can help you build the structure to do that. And if you want to simply sell your business and ride off into the sunset with your money, then we have a roadmap for that too. 


The PRAXIS S-10 team knows how to build businesses that creates wealth and freedom for the owner. Your organizational structure and proper succession planning are key. The PRAXIS S-10 system provides you with the tools you need as a business owner to build your legacy, make more money than you thought possible, and to exit your business with a healthy plan for retirement. 

Close more
Closing more sales.

Residential home service companies that achieve rapid growth, market dominance, and create wealth for the owners and employees have mastered the art of driving huge replacement sales to their business.  PRAXIS S-10 has designed a proven process which will compel the customer to trust your company with their needs and increase your overall sales.


This system includes building a team of highly-skilled technicians who can take a service call and convert it into a replacement sale.  PRAXIS S-10 helps you develop a direct response advertising lead-generation system that creates consumer desire to replace their system.  Most importantly, the PRAXIS S-10 method helps you develop a team of relationship-building salespeople who are trained to enhance client happiness and maximize your revenue. 


There’s nothing more crucial to an organization’s success than the ability to master the art of closing more sales. Rest assured, we’ve done it, are doing it, and will share with you exactly how to turn your company into a successful replacement machine!   

Working on your business.

As a business owner, it’s pretty easy to micro-manage everything. After all, you get things done better and more efficiently than anyone else. While that may be true, working “in” your business instead of working “on” your business can harm it because it’s not about what you are doing, it’s about what you are not doing.  It’s crucial that you are spending time building a team of competent service professionals capable of critical decision making.

If you don’t build that team, you’ll spend much of your time fighting fires.  Many owners simply sit in their office and wait for the phone to ring with the next urgent problem that needs immediate resolution.  This turns into nights and weekends away from the family, never feeling like you can come up for air, and living in a constant state of being stretched too thin. It’s stressful, frustrating, and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  

PRAXIS S-10's Strategic Mentoring and Maximum Yield Performance Technology programs create the industry’s most productive service professionals, allowing owners to focus on planning, strategizing, and building the best business possible.  Focusing on the business, instead of simply being in the business, produces life-changing tangible and intangible rewards. Once achieved, you will seldom be the first one to the office and the last one to leave at night, yet you’ll still enjoy a prosperous and thriving business.  

Free time
Having more free time.

It’s impossible for owners to be everywhere at once. You can’t answer the phone, run service calls, deliver sales presentations, and install replacement equipment by yourself, while building a profitable, sustainable business. The fact is you need a team of highly skilled professionals providing world-class service, managed by a team of critical decision makers and problem solvers.  


Without this team, you will always be a slave to your business, fearful to take a vacation because your business may fall apart.  Or, even if you do go on vacation, it’s more stressful because you spend the majority of your time with the phone glued to your ear in problem-solving and fire-fighting mode despite being thousands of miles away. It’s not enjoyable for you, and it’s not providing your loved-ones the quality time they deserve.


Fast track your business success with the PRAXIS S-10. Adopting the time-tested and proven principles and systems developed by PRAXIS S-10 will help you build a team of world-class service professionals and a leadership team capable of recruiting, developing, motivating, and guiding your organization to greatness. Ultimately, that means you’re able to build a predictable, turnkey business that will fuel your personal and financial freedom.  

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