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Together, we are Contractor Strong. Together, we are unstoppable.

PRAXIS S-10 lessons and interviews page




Watch and learn as Jimmy Hiller, Terry Nicholson and others share important business lessons and knowledge. Your journey to contracting excellence begins here.


Get to know a few of our Members and watch their videos and read their stories about how they got into the industry, discovered the keys to success, and how it's impacted their lives.  



Owners & Managers.


Jimmy Hiller, Terry Nicholson and PRAXIS S-10 team members share with you some of their insight and life lessons about how to build a better residential contracting business. From operations to customer care, the brief lessons you'll discover in this video series will help you jump start your journey. Together, we can all be Contractor Strong.

How To Book More Calls
Achieving Maximum Yield
The Dissecting Frog Principle
How To Always Succeed
Pay Technicians More
Leadership Determines Profit
How to Rank Higher on Google
A Masters Degree In HVAC
Maximum Yield Profits
Build Your Reputation
Vision and Change Leadership
Video Lessons

Unlock all the life-changing benefits of PRAXIS S-10.

Including over 400 lessons and videos, with new content being added every month, lifetime Strategic Mentoring, massive buying power and decades of unmatched, proven contracting solutions, and expertise & knowledgeBegin your journey to Contractor Strong by tapping into all the benefits and resources to help you build your own personal roadmap to success. Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we are Contractor Strong. Schedule your personal Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session today to get started! 

What is a Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session?  Watch the video here. >




Candid interviews. Inspiring stories.


Call them the PRAXIS S-10 Ambassadors or Advocates. Watch the videos and read the inspiring interviews to get to know a few of our Members. How they got into the contracting industry and how owning and operating a successful business has transformed their lives and the lives of their employees. How being Contractor Strong matters. It’s about your success, however you define it. Is your story next?


Orem, Utah

PRAXIS S-10 wyatt hepworth

I never imagined working in the trades. At age 21, my father who had taken over for my grandfather, invited me to join the family business.


Sacramento, California

PRAXIS S-10 tim gallagher

My career started as a Navy diver on Long Beach. Then I became a diver boat hull cleaner until I realized I wasn’t going to own a boat just by scrubbing hulls of boats. 


Broomfield, Colorado

PRAXIS S-10 luke cooper

Luke’s resume includes defending our country and saving his family name from destruction. His remarkable story is here. Get ready to salute him. 


Lexington, South Carolina

PRAXIS S-10 roy finley

If you don’t think computer programming can set you apart from your HVAC competitors, then you don’t know Roy Finley’s story. Get ready to be inspired.

Are you ready to maximize your personal and business success and make your business Contractor Strong ? Take the first step to a better future. Schedule your personal Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session today.

What is a Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session?  Watch the video here. >

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