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Terry Nicholson. From residential in-home replacement sales to a legendary educator and business leader.

One of my the greatest joys in life is seeing our members reach the level of success they desire. To see their families and employees live a better life. Success is multiplying. It effects so many people and to know I played a role in that is what personally motivates me to never compromise on your success. 

– Terry Nicholson


Terry's experience, knowledge, and skills gained over the course of his career make him uniquely qualified to help you succeed in business, and in life.

Educator   |   Business Builder  |   Consolidator  |   Franchising

Contractor  |   Mentoring  |   Sales  |   Utility

For nearly three decades, Terry worked side by side with industry legend, Jim Abrams, and helped him build the industry’s most successful home services company. As the Chief Success Officer of PRAXIS S-10, Terry is bringing Jim’s tried-and-true 10-step business formula — custom-built specifically to serve today’s consumers—to contractors everywhere so they can acquire the knowledge, tools, and proven processes to successfully grow their business and make money in HVAC – NOW.


Terry Nicholson is the only person who has been an HVAC salesperson, a Training and Executive Leader of a contractor’s success training company, President of the largest contractors’ Best Practice group, President of the largest contractor franchise company, part of the most successful contractor consolidation company, Executive team member of a utility company, and owner of the largest independently-owned contracting company in the United States and Canada. 

A track record of exceptional success.

Terry Nicholson. Legendary Educator, and industry leader in contracting-sales, business success and education.   

Terry Nicholson has experienced the ins and outs of the contracting business and home services industry like no one else, and tapping into his wisdom can help you gain years of expertise in a flash. The experience, knowledge, and skills he’s gained over the course of his career make him uniquely qualified to help contractors achieve success faster.


In PRAXIS S-10’s mission to help create the world’s most successful contractors, there is no one better qualified to make that happen than Terry Nicholson. 

From sales to educator to business builder and leader.

Terry Nicholson started his career working in the trenches as a residential replacement salesperson for industry leader and world-renowned residential service contractor, Jim Abrams.   


Employing the “Abrams Method,” Terry quickly achieved superior sales success. His skillful sales ability and natural leadership qualities led him to be hand-picked by Jim Abrams as lead instructor at Abrams’ company, Future University. Terry quickly established himself as the foremost sales trainer in the industry, teaching thousands of students how to sell millions of dollars of replacement sales annually. His commanding success at Future University eventually led Terry to be selected by Jim to start teaching the “Abrams Principles” to members of Contractors’ Success Group International.  


Terry was a part of the industry’s greatest and most successful consolidation effort when he worked at Service Experts, another company founded by Jim Abrams. Service Experts went on to become the first publicly traded contracting company when Jim took the company public on NASDAQ and later, to the NYSE. Appointed to the role of National Sales Training Director, the company grew from $67 million to over $688 million during Terry’s tenure.  


In the early part of the 21st century, Terry reunited again with Jim Abrams when he formed Clockwork Home Services (CHS). Terry was invited to join the Executive Leadership Team of CHS and became Jim’s business partner when they successfully launched Plumbers Success International and Airtime500. As President, Terry went on to found Electricians’ Success International, Roofers’ Success International, and Success Academy, leading CHS to quickly become the industry’s largest “Best Practices” organization. 


During this time, Terry and Jim also founded three successful franchises: One-Hour Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and Mister Sparky Electric. To serve the needs of these franchises and the best practice groups, client-service companies SuccessWare21 and BuyMax were also founded by Jim and Terry. 


As Group President, Terry took on the responsibility of all 10 portfolio companies within CHS while Jim oversaw the residential service division, which quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in the home services industries. After helping thousands of contractors achieve phenomenal success, Direct Energy acquired Clockwork Home Services for 183 million dollars. Afterwards, Terry becomes the Chief Innovation Officer for CHS. 


After a brief retirement, and in the spirit of entrepreneurship, Terry joined Jim in launching a new venture by founding FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers in 2012. FYZICAL, a physical therapy franchise, has experienced rapid growth and now boasts over 400 locations across the U.S., becoming the fastest-growing franchise in healthcare.


But, the forces of the contracting world kept drawing Terry and Jim in. Long-time contracting friends continued to reach out to them seeking guidance on how to handle the changes taking place in the industry. Experienced and highly intelligent contractors were cognizant that the contracting industry was changing. Relying only upon the original business model created by Abrams many years prior would almost certainly doom their business. A new model was needed.


The landscape of contracting is different now. Consumers are different with instant access to information and comparison shopping. Employees are different too. Marketing is different, how to grow a business is different, and how to make money is different. Consumers are now driving change, and the HVAC industry has reached a point of inflection.  


With their insatiable desire to help contractors and their love of contracting, Jim and Terry decided to take action in this next chapter of their unrivaled history of helping contractors succeed by forming PRAXIS S-10.    


Providing a much-needed change in the industry, PRAXIS S-10 is custom-built to serve today’s consumers, custom-built to recruit and retain today’s top talent, custom-built to train today’s employees, custom-built to attract today’s customers; and custom-built to provide today’s contractors with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to successfully grow and make money in HVAC – NOW.  


Almost all of the largest and most successful HVAC contractors in the United States and Canada are, or have been, clients of companies built by Jim and Terry, are former employees, or are using the business model created and developed by them. 


With the enhancements added to Jim’s proven success system to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing consumer, success is virtually guaranteed for any contractor using PRAXIS S-10’s ten-step formula for success.    


Today, Terry Nicholson’s leadership, sales, and training expertise, and Jim Abrams’ unparalleled business knowledge and intuitive industry insight, continue to make hundreds of contractors successful and wealthy through his “Guiding Principles for HVAC Success,” now being taught exclusively at PRAXIS S-10, the Success College for Contractors.


Terry Nicholson’s unprecedented leadership and seasoned experience throughout the world of contracting have created a career incomparable to any other’s in this space.  His specialized experience and in-depth industry knowledge are an invaluable resource – and tapping into his wisdom will, without a doubt, enhance the success of your company. Not only has he successfully trained and mentored thousands of contractors, but his natural business-building acumen has brought millions of gross profit dollars to clients and billions to the industry as a whole. 

PRAXIS S-10 introduction lesson videos with Terry Nicholson.

Maximum Yield Profits
What Your Invoices Reveal
People Skill Development
World Class Service
The Truth Will Set You Free
Terry Videos
PRAXIS S-10 jimmy hiller portrait
Seeing is believing

“When I met Jimmy Hiller in 1999, he had only one residential service van. Today, Jimmy has built one of the, if not the, largest independently-owned residential service company in the United States and Canada by using the PRAXIS S-10 Guiding Principles of success. It would take a company that generated 1.5 million in annual revenue 60 years to do the amount of residential service and replacement business Jimmy is going to produce this year.  


Contractors are always amazed and inspired when they take the “behind the scenes” tour of Jimmy’s business. They see PRAXIS S-10’s Guiding Principles in action and gain complete access to Jimmy’s most closely guarded secrets.”

– Terry Nicholson
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