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Why America’s best and most informed HVAC contractors consistently select PRAXIS S-10.

why PRAXIS S-10

Because your success is our obsession.



PRAXIS S-10 proven success

With over $1.5 billion in residential service revenue backed up by nearly 150 years of combined residential service expertise, we know what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t work. Every system and business strategy we deploy has been tested and proven in our own companies. Trial and error is expensive. Stop wasting your hard earned money seeking answers to elusive solutions when the answer can be as simple as a phone call away.

Maximum Yield Performance Technology

PRAXIS S-10 employee training

Traditional training doesn’t work because it's a break/fix/repeat endless waste of your money. Our process is entirely different. Maximum Yield Performance Technology helps you develop better employees by instinctively changing how they think. It’s a proven cognitive learning method to developing better employees. One that will build an exceptionally productive team that will maximize your profits. It’s not training, it’s science.



PRAXIS S-10 strategic mentoring

As a Member, you and every employee on your team will be eligible for continuous lifetime mentoring. When questions or issues develop in your day-to-day operations, PRAXIS S-10 is here to help with a lifeline to a knowledgable and supportive team with long history of sound and proven business solutions tailored specifically to your company. It’s personal one-on-one mentoring customized exclusively for your business.

Custom Tailored


PRAXIS S-10 custom business solutions

One size rarely fits all in the residential contracting industry. No other contracting success organization will offer you custom tailored solutions for every business challenge you face. Every Member receives timely, targeted and tactical business advice and solutions based on an immense and proven knowledge base of real-world HVAC expertise. No cookie cutter answers here. Just real contractor with real solutions.



PRAXIS S-10 real contracting experience

It’s been said that those who can, do – and those who can’t, teach. Not so at PRAXIS S-10. We’re real contractors. We practice what we preach and more importantly, we spend our own money on mountains of research and development in our own HVAC companies to find solutions, efficiencies, and systems that just flat out work. You’ll never waste your own money on solutions that don’t work. Ours do – guaranteed.

All Inclusive


PRAXIS S-10 all inclusive membership

Joining an HVAC success organization shouldn’t mean that you get a hat and t-shirt and tickets to an annual seminar — but have to pay extra for everything else. PRAXIS S-10 includes everything you need to succeed. It’s your exclusive ticket to an elite group of highly motivated, success oriented, genuine HVAC contractors with a common determination to build a better business, earn more money, and solve every business challenge you face. 

The choices you make today will determine your success tomorrow.

Life’s all about choices. The decisions you make today will impact your life tomorrow. We know you have choices when it comes to aligning yourself with a contracting success group. It can be confusing to know which organization will work best for you and your team. It seems that they all promise to take your company to the next level. To increase your personal wealth and accelerate your growth. 

Practicing what we preach.


But, how many of those success groups practice what they preach? How many of them actually own and operate multiple contracting businesses throughout the United States — including the largest regional, multi-state, independently owned residential home services company in America? How many of those organizations have a proven and consistent track record of repeated success? How many have developed systems and procedures that are tested in their own organizations before they are provided to their Members – virtually guaranteeing your success? 

PRAXIS S-10 is America's ultimate success group for a reason.


The answer is clear. PRAXIS S-10 is America’s ultimate contracting success group for a reason. We’ve walked a million miles in your shoes. We practice what we preach. We are the only organization that offers our Members lifetime mentoring specifically developed for your company. And, we are the only organization who’s founders have created more measurable contracting wealth than any other group in the United States. That's the power of PRAXIS S-10. That’s the power of being Contractor Strong.


PRAXIS S-10. More than just a name.

Get started today.


Discover for yourself why America’s most dedicated residential HVAC contractors choose PRAXIS S-10 as their ONLY resource for the proven knowledge, business mentoring, systems, and strategies proven to consistently build and develop America’s most profitable residential contracting organizations.

Are you ready to maximize your personal and business success and make your business Contractor Strong ? Take the first step to a better future. Schedule your personal Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session today.

What is a Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session?  Watch the video here. >

PRAXIS S-10 strategic mentoring invitation

It all starts with a complimentary Maximum Yield Strategic HVAC Mentoring Session.

Schedule your call right now or enter your information below and begin your personal journey to contracting success. If you want to remain small but increase your personal income, you can do that. Want to grow and be a dominate player in your marketplace? You can do that too. The choice is entirely yours but you will become more successful than you ever thought possible – however you define success. The future is yours. Schedule your complimentary Strategic HVAC Mentoring Session today! It may be the most important phone call of your life. You have nothing to lose and the call is entirely free!

You are one phone call away from transforming your contracting business – and changing your life.

What you'll discover during your personal Maximum Yield Strategic HVAC Mentoring Session:


Have a frank and honest discussion about the primary challenges that are holding you back from accomplishing your objectives and how to overcome them. 


Receive an eye-opening, honest assessment of your business and the first steps you can take right now to form a roadmap to your success.


Discover what makes your company unique and where your best opportunities are to maximize your yield in the near term and long term.


Unlock the active revenue generating areas in your current business that are failing to maximize their yield and how you can immediately improve your bottom line.



Have a one-on-one “real-world” conversation about the value of the right learning program for you and your employees and why traditional training systems fail.



Discover how to maximize the yield in every part of your company and how every department and employee is connected to your success or failure.


Begin a discussion about your objectives and desires to take the first step towards building your five and ten year strategic business blueprint.



Find out what it really takes to become the true leader of your company and why most service companies fail to reach their maximum potential.



Discover how contractors just like you have grown their business, realized their true potential, secured financial freedom, gained freedom of time, and are living a life like no one else because they’ve built a business like no one else.

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Schedule your personal Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session today.


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