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Great employees are your most powerful business asset. Here's how to maximize their performance.

PRAXIS S-10 employee training page

Are you ready to make your employees Contractor Strong?

PRAXIS S-10 Maximum Yield Performance Technology
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The only cognitive learning system in the industry developed from the ground up for the residential service industry. 

It's not training. It's science.

Training doesn't work. Our decades of experience in this industry tells us that. Your employees potentially have years and years of learned behavior that can be very difficult to change. That won’t happen overnight or with a single course. Cognitive learning uses a scientific, and proven, approach to help each of your employees overcome customer satisfaction destroying behavior and replace it with good behavior. This same learning system is also used to teach new skills. Maximum Yield Performance Technology utilizes a series of ongoing virtual and live classroom programs coupled with continuous personalized one-on-one mentoring to help each of your employees respond or react correctly to various data. Each program is custom designed for every employee. We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions because every one of your employees will respond or react differently to their environment. Learn and discover at a different pace. The founders of PRAXIS S-10 have invested millions of dollars into perfecting our proprietary cognitive learning systems.

Specialized marketing programs, events, and systems to locate, hire, and develop the world’s greatest HVAC technicians.

It’s one of the top questions we get asked. “How can I find and hire great technicians?” Jimmy Hiller asked that same question many years ago when he found it increasingly difficult to hire well trained, qualified technicians. Instead of putting his business growth on hold, Jimmy decided to find a solution. Hiller invested over two million dollars to design and build the most advanced technician development center in the United States. And, he didn’t stop there. Jimmy also worked with the Fort Cambell military base to help soldiers transition from their military service to the home services trades. Today, Transitions to Trades has graduated over 475 military personal to the trades. This remarkable program is just one more of many benefits included with your membership.

With over 400 (and counting) specialized Maximum Yield Performance Technology courses, PRAXIS S-10 has proven solutions for every aspect of your residential HVAC business.

Achieving your company’s full potential is all about maximizing your yield. Maximum Y.I.E.L.D. Performance Technology learning systems are the most specific, targeted, professional, and results-generating courses in the industry. These are time-tested and proven systems to help you and your entire team realize their full potential. Your company and all its employees are interconnected. Your company’s success – and your personal success, are perpetually linked to your ability to maximize every department and employees yield. Having the greatest technicians means very little if your call center and dispatching teams fall short or if your installation teams are sent to a job without all the equipment and installation support materials to get the job done efficiently. It’s all connected. It’s been said every business is only as strong as its weakest link. Where are your weak links? Are you ready to maximize your yield? Get started today, and put your company on the fast-track towards a more successful and rewarding future.

Everything's included.

All the courses are included in your membership. Your team can participate and learn on their schedule via our online portal or participate in live online classes. It's the most comprehensive learning library on the planet with new content being added every month. You'll develop your team into a superstar elite group of competition crushing maximum yield service specialists. Your productivity will multiply and your company will earn more with the same amount of service calls by maximizing your company's efficiency, closing rate per call, and customer satisfaction. Great companies don't train their employees, they develop them. Maximum Yield Performance Technology. It's not training, it's science.

maximum y.i.e.l.d. performance technology

Yielding Infinite Excellence through Learning & Development

Fast-track your company's success

Accelerate your company’s growth using proven tools and business development systems developed by PRAXIS S-10 – and used by some of the largest home service companies in America.

Build a Maximum Yield employee team

Your employees are your greatest asset. Discover expert learning programs to help your company maximize productivity, value, and communication skills required to increase and improve your bottom line.

Outstanding return on investment

The more you embrace and implement the proven learning systems developed by PRAXIS S-10, the more your company will grow and the more you’ll earn. Learn more and earn more. It’s just that simple.

Graduate from operator to owner

Discover how better employees will help you exit the truck, transforming you from an operator to owner. You’ll quickly begin to see real results and realize your personal path towards independence and success.

Maximum Y.I.E.L.D. Performance Technology Courses

Your company's most vital business asset are your employees. Each Maximum Yield Performance Technology course includes multiple modules to ensure every person inside your company achieves their maximum yield. All courses are available in multiple delivery methods including online, in-person, and one-on-one personalized lifetime strategic mentoring. These courses have been time-tested and are proven to be effective to help every one of your employees develop the skills they need, to not only succeed personally, but to also help you and your company achieve its maximum yield. If you’re ready for a team that’s Contractor Strong, this is how you get there.

    It’s an HVAC contractor’s guide to greatness! And, a one-on-one business-building discussion with a dedicated PRAXIS S-10 team member. You'll discover how you can use field-proven principles to supercharge your service and replacement business with such force and impact that you’ll break every personal money-making record you’ve ever set!
    The Strategic Mentoring Session is the starting point to an HVAC contractor’s roadmap to success. By scheduling a call with a PRAXIS S-10 Mentoring Specialist, you’ll discover: 1. Advanced HVAC Business Knowledge you weren’t taught at tech school. 2. An innovative HVAC business model designed specifically for contractors that want to increase their personal wealth and become master HVAC money-makers. 3. The Maximum Yield Performance Technology (MYPT) system that is responsible for building the industry’s most productive maximum-yield employees. 4. How to save “Big Time” on every item you purchase in order to operate a successful business. 5. How Freedom Won, the PRAXIS S-10 proprietary executive leadership, and front-line management development program, is helping business owners gain true freedom. And much… much… more.
    Business owners who want to line their pockets with profitable replacement sales and grow a predictable, profitable business that prints money, whether the owner is there or not, should schedule a Strategic Mentoring Session with one of our Mentoring Specialists.
    The information you’ll discover on a Strategic Mentoring Session is so revolutionary, participation is encouraged for any person involved with driving the success of your business. Invite your partner, spouse, office manager, service manager, or installation manager and witness their contagious enthusiasm about the potential that lies within your business. Your team will walk away from the Mentoring Session fired up knowing they NOW have the contractor’s roadmap to success to follow.
    A Strategic Mentoring Session is absolutely FREE! If you are an honest, hardworking contractor, you are invited to discover (at no cost to you) exactly how you can use field-tested HVAC advanced business knowledge in your own company to make a lot of money. On this call, you’ll discover the real business roadmap of the most successful HVAC business builders in United States and Canada.
    There is no catch. A Mentoring Session is our way of giving you a “Success Test Drive of PRAXIS S-10.” We simply hope you share the same vision and want to be a part of this contractor’s success group. In addition, PRAXIS S-10 pools the purchases for supplies, equipment, trucks, etc. of contractors all across the United States and Canada, building a powerful buying network battalion. This allows members to receive the lowest possible prices on virtually every item they ever need to buy. As the group grows larger, the more powerful each member becomes, and the more money each member saves!
    Manufacturers are good at manufacturing products. They are also good at selling you products. But what do they know about running a profitable HVAC business? If they knew how to do it, they would eliminate the middleman – YOU – keep the profits, and do it themselves. If you want to discover how to operate a REAL successful business, you should learn it from PROVEN experts doing it in the field. NO theory, just REAL contractors making SERIOUS money!
    The objective is to create a HUGE competitive advantage for members. Contractors who have been locked out of PRAXIS S-10 have even stated, “members receive an unfair competitive advantage.” In addition, due to the buying power, there are members who are paid by our Vendor Profit Partners more money than they invest to be a PRAXIS S-10 member. THAT’S RIGHT! In essence, they reap all the PRAXIS S-10 benefits for FREE and get paid money to be a member. Therefore, the investment to be a member of PRAXIS S-10 is determined by many factors totally in YOUR control. The PRAXIS S-10 Mentoring Specialist will be happy to discuss your individual goals and objectives to determine the proper investment to maximize your highest R.O.I. Upon submitting an application and subsequent approval, you’ll have access to the most powerful wealth creation knowledge resource in the HVAC industry.
Great companies don't train their employees, they develop them.

Are you ready to maximize your personal and business success and make your business Contractor Strong? Take the first step to a better future. Use the form below to schedule your personal Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session today.

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What is a Maximum Yield Strategic Mentoring Session?  Watch the video here. >

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