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PRAXIS S-10 Maximum Yield Performance Technology

The only cognitive learning system in the industry developed from the ground up for the residential service industry. 

It's not training. It's science.

Training doesn't work. Our decades of experience in this industry tells us that. Your employees potentially have years and years of learned behavior that can be very difficult to change. That won’t happen overnight or with a single course. Cognitive learning uses a scientific, and proven, approach to help each of your employees overcome customer satisfaction destroying behavior and replace it with good behavior. This same learning system is also used to teach new skills. Maximum Yield Performance Technology utilizes a series of ongoing virtual and live classroom programs coupled with continuous personalized one-on-one mentoring to help each of your employees respond or react correctly to various data. Each program is custom designed for every employee. We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions because every one of your employees will respond or react differently to their environment. Learn and discover at a different pace. The founders of PRAXIS S-10 have invested millions of dollars into perfecting our proprietary cognitive learning systems.

Specialized marketing programs, events, and systems to locate, hire, and develop the world’s greatest HVAC technicians.

It’s one of the top questions we get asked. “How can I find and hire great technicians?” Jimmy Hiller asked that same question many years ago when he found it increasingly difficult to hire well trained, qualified technicians. Instead of putting his business growth on hold, Jimmy decided to find a solution. Hiller invested over two million dollars to design and build the most advanced technician development center in the United States. And, he didn’t stop there. Jimmy also worked with the Fort Cambell military base to help soldiers transition from their military service to the home services trades. Today, Transitions to Trades has graduated over 475 military personal to the trades. This remarkable program is just one more of many benefits included with your membership.

With over 400 (and counting) specialized Maximum Yield Performance Technology courses, PRAXIS S-10 has proven solutions for every aspect of your residential HVAC business.

Achieving your company’s full potential is all about maximizing your yield. Maximum Y.I.E.L.D. Performance Technology learning systems are the most specific, targeted, professional, and results-generating courses in the industry. These are time-tested and proven systems to help you and your entire team realize their full potential. Your company and all its employees are interconnected. Your company’s success – and your personal success, are perpetually linked to your ability to maximize every department and employees yield. Having the greatest technicians means very little if your call center and dispatching teams fall short or if your installation teams are sent to a job without all the equipment and installation support materials to get the job done efficiently. It’s all connected. It’s been said every business is only as strong as its weakest link. Where are your weak links? Are you ready to maximize your yield? Get started today, and put your company on the fast-track towards a more successful and rewarding future.

Everything's included.

All the courses are included in your membership. Your team can participate and learn on their schedule via our online portal or participate in live online classes. It's the most comprehensive learning library on the planet with new content being added every month. You'll develop your team into a superstar elite group of competition crushing maximum yield service specialists. Your productivity will multiply and your company will earn more with the same amount of service calls by maximizing your company's efficiency, closing rate per call, and customer satisfaction. Great companies don't train their employees, they develop them. Maximum Yield Performance Technology. It's not training, it's science.

maximum y.i.e.l.d. performance technology

Yielding Infinite Excellence through Learning & Development

Fast-track your company's success

Accelerate your company’s growth using proven tools and business development systems developed by PRAXIS S-10 – and used by some of the largest home service companies in America.

Build a Maximum Yield employee team

Your employees are your greatest asset. Discover expert learning programs to help your company maximize productivity, value, and communication skills required to increase and improve your bottom line.

Outstanding return on investment

The more you embrace and implement the proven learning systems developed by PRAXIS S-10, the more your company will grow and the more you’ll earn. Learn more and earn more. It’s just that simple.

Graduate from operator to owner

Discover how better employees will help you exit the truck, transforming you from an operator to owner. You’ll quickly begin to see real results and realize your personal path towards independence and success.

Maximum Y.I.E.L.D. Performance Technology Courses

Your company's most vital business asset are your employees. Each Maximum Yield Performance Technology course includes multiple modules to ensure every person inside your company achieves their maximum yield. All courses are available in multiple delivery methods including online, in-person, and one-on-one personalized lifetime strategic mentoring. These courses have been time-tested and are proven to be effective to help every one of your employees develop the skills they need, to not only succeed personally, but to also help you and your company achieve its maximum yield. If you’re ready for a team that’s Contractor Strong, this is how you get there.

Client Care Specialist

When designing the Maximum Yield Client Care Specialist performance technology platform, we obsessed over creating the industry’s most skillful customer service personnel. After all, your office team members are the first point of contact for new and existing clients. Their skills are essential to winning the caller’s business. By applying the knowledge acquired by successfully scheduling and dispatching over three million service calls, we have created the most impactful and comprehensive CCS skill development program ever created. Together, we are Contractor Strong!


Most service companies considered dispatching as one of the most important and difficult positions in the company. The complexities are numerous, and the challenges arise at a moment’s notice. Therefore, Dispatchers must make quick decisions and use sound judgement to keep the field-service operations running smoothly. Our approach to building the Maximum Yield Dispatcher Learning Platform was to provide real-world practical dispatching knowledge gained from dispatching over two million service calls. How to stay calm under pressure. Be empathetic. Remain cool, calm, and levelheaded. Adapt to seasonality and streamline the technical aspect of dispatching while delivering a top-tier customer experience. When your dispatchers apply the knowledge gained in this program, you will have nearly flawless dispatching protocols in place that will skyrocket revenue and generate massive profits. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Service Technician

When designing the Maximum Yield Service Technician performance technology platform, our mission was simple… to build a world-class TruTech Certified technician. One that possesses the ultimate in technical and communication skills and radiates confidence – the three qualities necessary to optimize positive client experience and ensure company profitability. Whether you are hiring technicians from outside the industry or seasoned pros, apply these time-tested principles and we guarantee that you will employ a team of highy skilled and efficient technicians. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Replacement Technician

Technicians encounter amazing opportunities to educate homeowners on why investing in a new unit is in their best interest. Yet, few technicians do so effectively, primarily because of fear of being perceived as salesperson. The Maximum Yield Replacement Technician performance platform was specifically designed to eliminate annoying salesperson behaviors. Yet, turn your technicians into sweet talking tradesman that educate in a fashion that instills consumer confidence and trust. The end result is an educated consumer that makes their own buying decision. This is the industry’s most powerful program for turning technicians into strong replacement specialists. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Replacement Salesperson

Replacements are the fastest way to grow contractor strong, and the fastest way to skyrocket your company’s success is by building powerful salespeople. When designing the Maximum Yield Replacement Salesperson performance technology platform, we developed a scientifically evidenced approach that we innovated that has allowed us to generate over one billion dollars in residential replacement revenue in our own businesses. Whether you are hiring salespeople from outside the industry or seasoned selling pros, apply this performance technology and we guarantee that you will employ a team of world-class replacement salespeople guaranteed to fast-track your success! Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Sales Lead Coordinator

Most companies rely upon replacement sales being generated from their service department. However, the company’s that achieve the highest level of success are masters in generating marketed replacement leads. When you spend expensive marketing dollars to generate replacement leads, you would be wise to have an individual that can convert these leads into highly qualified, booked appointments. Our vision when creating the Maximum Yield Sales Lead Coordinator learning platform was to create, perhaps, the most skilled customer service person in your company. Think in terms of a customer service rep and a dispatcher combined into one person on steroids. Apply this wealth producing knowledge and you will increase the skill of your Sales Lead Coordinator and skyrocket highly profitable replacement revenue. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Installation Technicians

When we set out to develop the Maximum Yield Installation Technician learning platform, our mission was to take an individual with the right attitude and mechanical aptitude and mold them into a TruTech Certified Installation Technician. Mission accomplished! This award-winning curriculum arms individuals with the knowledge to remove, install, and perform start-up procedures that will meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. This is the most powerful installation program ever developed, evidenced to build highly productive technicians committed to the highest quality craftsmanship. Together, we are Contractor Strong!


Often, warehouse personnel are seen as an unnecessary expense. However, armed with the proper knowledge, they can play a major role in client happiness and increasing profits. When designing the Maximum Yield Warehouse Learning Platform, we obsessed over identifying the little-known warehouse secrets of the best warehouse personnel in the industry. When your warehouse personnel apply these principles, you’ll enjoy improved customer service, decreased labor costs, improved productivity, and drastically reduce profit stealing inventory shrinkage. Together, we are Contractor Strong!


As the owner, you are tasked with multiple roles. You are the captain, the motivator, the disciplinarian. You’ll lead by example and sometimes, you’ll be required to make the tough calls with your team members. It’s never an easy role, but the rewards, both personally and financially, can be highly motivating. Your destiny will be entirely in your hands. There is no room for excuses in your pursuit of excellence. Along with your personal lifetime one-on-one professional mentoring, you’ll also participate in numerous owner and maximum yield leadership courses to further your road to exceptionalism. These include weekly Power Hour sessions and online courses. You’ll also ramp up your membership via our Launch program, which will get you up to speed with everything included with your membership and how to effectively use all the tools at your disposal to transform your company from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The Maximum Yield Owner Platform, when properly applied, will help you build a business that runs on cruise control. A residential HVAC contracting business that doesn’t keep you chained to your desk. It’s an owner development platform that doesn’t simply solve your greatest business challenges, it conquers them. Your reenergized, refocused business will have the best employees beating a path to your door, customers that preach your praises, and a business that your competitors envy. You’ll enjoy more freedom of time and a business that generates consistent profitable cash flow. Both you and your employees will come to work with a sense of pride and a laser-like focus to delight your customers – one that is truly Contractor Strong and ready to take on the world.

Your success is our obsession. Our promise to you is that we will never compromise on your success. Is the road to success an easy one? No, it’s not. But when you discover that you have the power to excel, to thrive, to live the life of your dreams, it is addictive in the most positive way. It will energize your employees and family too. There is something magical about the road to success. You’ll transform how you think about every aspect of your business, how you participate, and be deeply connected to your personal transformation from operator to owner.

Jimmy Hiller started out his journey with a used Toyota truck and $500 in his pocket. That experience gives Jimmy Hiller a unique perspective of your journey. A journey you have personal access to every day. No matter where you are in your business, Jimmy has been there. So has Jim Abrams, and Terry Nicholson. We know the journey. We’ve walked a million miles in your shoes. There is nothing we haven’t seen or done — learned and developed. We know what works and what doesn’t. Join us and discover for yourself, first hand, the power of your own success. Are you ready to make your business Contractor Strong? Your destiny is waiting for you, and together, we’ll help you get there. We guarantee it!

General Manager

The success of a service company is in direct correlation to the skills of the General Manager. To be contractor strong, a service company must have a G.M. that is an adept leader with business acumen and a knack for organization and collaboration. The Maximum Yield General Manager Learning Platform was designed to develop skills that increase profits, improve efficiency, and decrease costs. Recognized industry wide as the foremost knowledge resource for developing front-line General Managers, this program will have your business running on autopilot and leading your team to victory. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Sales Manager

The fastest way to achieve rapid growth, gain a huge competitive advantage, and fuel your success is by building a team of hard charging ambitious salespeople. However, strong sales teams must be developed. The individual responsible for recruiting, developing, and managing a stable of high producing salespeople is the sales manager. Yet, being a Sales Manager is no easy feat. That’s why our approach in developing the Maximum Yield Sales Manager Learning Platform was to create the most advanced sales leadership strategies ever assembled to provide your seasoned veteran or newly appointed sales manager the knowledge they need to ensure your replacement department is contractor strong. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Service Manager

Perhaps the most challenging obstacle a HVAC company encounters is employing good technicians. Therefore, the importance of an exceptional service manager cannot be overstated, because they are in charge of recruiting, developing, and maintaining a highly productive team of customer centric service technicians that punch above their weight in performance. When designing the Maximum Yield Service Manager Learning platform, we focused on technical, business and people skills, the three knowledge qualities of the discerning service manager. Whether your service manager is a seasoned veteran or newly promoted, these scientifically proven principles, and they will possess the skills necessary to build a world-class team of service technicians guaranteed to be contractor strong. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Installation Manager

It takes a unique blend of skills to recruit, develop, and lead a team of installation technicians committed to excellence. That’s why our approach to designing the Maximum Yield Installation Manager learning platform was to provide management skills, technical skills, customer service skills, and operational systems & procedures: The skillsets an installation manager must possess to build a one-day installation culture and maintain job productivity. This is the most dynamic installation management program ever developed – time-tested and proven to build a productive team of installation technicians committed to the highest quality craftsmanship. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Office Manager

The Office Manager is a unique, demanding position. It takes a diverse set of skills – and an amazing individual – to operate an office as a well-oiled machine. They are responsible for maintaining direct involvement with dispatch and the call center team, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and company goals are achieved. When we set out to develop the Maximum Yield Office Manager learning platform, our mission was simple. To provide the knowledge that would allow your office personnel to really thrive in their role by acquiring skills in: Leadership, communication, recruiting, confidence, organizational, systematization, and customer service. This course will reinvigorate your manager and have your office operating smoother than it’s EVER operated. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Marketing Manager

The Maximum Yield Marketing Manager is one of your company’s most important team members and is absolutely vital to your growth and brand image within your marketplace. With the right Marketing Manager, your company will quickly separate itself from your competitors. This learning platform will help even the most experienced marketing professionals to better understand the unique marketing challenges specific to the residential HVAC service industry based on years of real-world marketing results. Your marketing manager will lead your marketing team or external marketing resources to produce better messaging and learn how to maximize today’s social media and digital marketing tools, including how to build a high conversion website. Discover what works, and why, in this unique and specialized consumer marketplace and how to maximize your marketing budget to increase your brand awareness and ultimately, increase your sales through better lead generation. Get started today, and start selling more tomorrow! Together, we are Contractor Strong!


The Maximum Yield Accounting Management performance technology platform was created with one ultimate goal: To ensure the long-term financial health of your company. Accounting managers will acquire the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide the guidance and advice owners will come to rely upon to ensure they make sound financial decisions that will lead the company to greatness. Mastering these principles will almost certainly establish your accountant as the M.V.P. in maintaining a contractor strong entity. This is the only financial I.Q. program of its kind in existence in the industry. And absolutely one that any success-minded contractor would NOT want to live without. Together, we are Contractor Strong!


Residential service contracting is unlike any other small business and requires industry specific financial reporting knowledge that an outsourced bookkeeping service is simply NOT capable of providing. When designing the Maximum Yield Bookkeeping performance technology platform, our approach was to design an A-Z financial reporting system to save owners time and money. A highly skilled bookkeeper allows you to keep your finger on the financial pulse of your company and allows owners to focus on serving clients, accelerating company growth, and being contractor strong. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

H.R. Manager

In today’s compliance laden environment, it’s imperative for every growing company to understand the challenges and documentation required to not only help your employees perform at their best, but to protect your business from unnecessary employment issues. From recruiting and testing and interview processes to conducting exit interviews and recommending changes to your staff and benefits programs, the Maximum Yield Human Resources development program will help your HR staff or manager be better prepared for excelling at all aspects of employment, employee issues, and company-wide team building. This course is constantly evolving to include updates and changes to the employer/employee relationship and regulations with a keen focus on locating and hiring the very best team members specifically for the residential service industry. This very specialized course will supercharge your HR department and help build a dynamic and diverse service-oriented team. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is a key member of the management team; responsible for supervising the Service Manager and the Installation Manager to ensure the company is performing up to its true potential. All success minded service companies understand the importance of having a dynamic leader that can inspire performance excellence and deliver world-class customer service from the Ops department. Therefore, our approach in designing the Maximum Yield Operations Manager Learning Platform was with a focus on developing the critical skills that lead to operational service leadership excellence. A healthy mix of hard and soft skills: Mechanical aptitude, customers service, budgeting, management, motivation, communication, productivity, efficiency, and operating procedures that reduce costs. This course will transform your Ops Manager from a field person mentality, to a critical thinker who can analyze situations and make decisions geared toward the company’s best interest. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Social Media Manager

Your Social Media Manager will round out your total marketing efforts. Today’s marketing channels are more complex than ever. Consumers are exposed to more marketing messages than ever. Recent media innovations have created new digital avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. This landscape is changing rapidly and requires a savvy Social Media Manager to leverage these tools to help your company reach more consumers and deliver brand value. The Social Media Manager will lead your social media team or external social marketing resources to build messaging and leverage social media channels to identify and acquire customers, create offers to attract new and existing customers via pay per click (PPC), Facebook digital ads, YouTube video content, and more. Managers will also be tasked to develop new approaches for market development, acquire and analyze data, and consult with internal and external sources. The Maximum Yield Social Media Manager learning platform will also help your company maintain online relations with current customers by developing specific customer-relations and retention programs. Get ready to maximize your social media results and multiply your marketing efforts. Together, we are Contractor Strong!

Great companies don't train their employees, they develop them.

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