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Helping contractors all across America and Canada build world-class residential HVAC service companies.


Real expertise from real experts – operating real companies.

Your PRAXIS S-10 leaders and team
PRAXIS S-10 jimmy hiller team photo
Dean of client success
Jimmy hiller
PRAXIS S-10 terry nicholson team photo
business success 
Terry Nicholson
PRAXIS S-10 jim abrams team photo
professor emeritus
Jim Abrams
PRAXIS S-10 jimmy hiller jr.
sales management
Jimmy hiller jr.
PRAXIS S-10 michelle hiller
Michelle hiller
PRAXIS S-10 jimmy hiller team photo
service management
Jimmy hiller
PRAXIS S-10 megan jenkins
dispatch & call center management
megan jenkins
PRAXIS S-10 mitch mobley
maintenance agreements
Mitch mobley
PRAXIS S-10 phillip mize
inventory & purchasing
phillip mize
PRAXIS S-10 don miller
technical training
don miller
PRAXIS S-10 connie mattis
budgeting & accounting
connie mattis
PRAXIS S-10 don miller training
installation & installation management
don miller
PRAXIS S-10 michael dolan
national trainer 
Michael Dolan
PRAXIS S-10 phillip mize team photo
phillip mize
PRAXIS S-10 tom o' connor
finding furnace failure 
Tom o' connor
Team Video
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