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Management skills are vital to the success of a company. This is why those who are on a quest for exponential success in business turn to PRAXIS S-10’s “Freedom Won” – leadership and management development systems. Recognized industry-wide as the foremost knowledge resource for developing front-line managers, general managers, and executive leadership teams, Freedom Won is comprised of three high-level, direct-impact education systems: Launch, Power-Hour, and Ignite.  


This unique three-phrase learning and development approach is scientifically proven to maximize the skill level of your management team in a minimum amount of time and provide front-line top producers recently promoted the knowledge they need to become world-class managers.  


A skilled, maximum-yield leadership team allows your business to run on autopilot, while still being highly profitable. That’s why PRAXIS S-10’s elite management development program is called “Freedom Won” – it provides owners the ability to do what they want, when they want. Thus, gaining true freedom!   


With a highly skilled management team in place driving the success of your company, your business will achieve maximum yield, predictable, profitable growth, and provide you the freedom you deserve!

learning & development options

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manager development programs:

  • General Manager

  • Office Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Service Manager

  • Installation Manager

  • Sales & Marketing Manager



Launch is the first step on your journey to gaining a wealth of knowledge and valuable business principles to fast-track your success. Launch is a high-intensity, interactive, participatory 3-day live-mentor session taking place in the Abrams Training Center located at the PRAXIS S-10 world headquarters in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.  


During Launch, PRAXIS S-10’s specific 10-step formula, proven to accelerate profits and growth, will be unveiled. Advanced business knowledge and timeless wisdom on how to maximize yield will be taught by industry leaders with real-world “in-the-trenches” contracting experience.  


Launch is designed specifically for owners, leaders, and management personnel responsible for driving the success of your business. Launch affords key members of your team the opportunity to hear from business gurus, marketing and branding experts, sales trainers, and contracting legends. It takes mountains of money and years of mistakes to discover what will and won’t work. Save yourself years of trial and error by gaining instant access to a vault of knowledge that will fast-track your success and fuel your freedom!

Power hour


Power Hour is the most dynamic and impactful 60-minutes of knowledge sharing on the planet. Industry icons Jimmy Hiller and Terry Nicholson come straight into your office every Wednesday via the magic of live Internet video streaming. Bring your entire management team together weekly for a strategic lesson providing real-life solutions to real-life contracting challenges. Be warned – Power Hour is straight from the gut – NO nonsense; NO B.S. – just straight talk. Be prepared to be kicked in the butt and told exactly what you and your management team are doing wrong. Yet, you’ll be glad you heard it. By applying these executive-level business-building lessons, your success will leave you inspired and motivated, and you and your team will be hungry for the next Power Hour. 



Ignite is the most exciting contractor extravaganza of the year! The world’s most successful and forward-thinking contractors from all across the United states and Canada unite at this one event to network and discover the most cutting-edge industry-leading information available. 


Be prepared to be blown away, because Ignite will lead you to question everything you thought you ever knew about contracting. Industry legends and icons will reveal their most valuable insights. Fellow contractors achieving phenomenal success will share their most closely-guarded secrets. In addition, you’ll enjoy social networking with peers and a vendor tradeshow showcase, all in a beautiful hotel in a different destination city each year. 


Ignite will excite, inspire, and reinvigorate you! Armed with the knowledge to dominate your marketplace, you will return to your business energized about your future.  

Great companies have great education programs.

Discover the true profit potential of your HVAC business!

Terry Nicholson and Jimmy Hiller invite you to receive a detailed market analysis and customized Profit Potential report for your business. See how, in as little as 12 months (with your current call volume and no additional marketing costs), your profit and revenue will skyrocket simply by applying the PRAXIS S-10 model. You will be amazed at the results!


You are one phone call away from transforming your contracting business – and changing your life. Here's a small sample of what you'll discover during your personal Strategic HVAC Mentoring Session:


Have a frank and honest discussion about the primary challenges that are holding you back from accomplishing your objectives and how to overcome them. 


Receive an eye-opening, honest assessment of your business and the first steps you can take right now to form a roadmap to your success.


Discover what makes your company unique and where your best opportunities are to maximize your yield in the near term and long term.


Unlock the active revenue generating areas in your current business that are failing to maximize their yield and how you can immediately improve your bottom line.



Have a one-on-one “real-world” conversation about the value of the right learning program for you and your employees, and why traditional training systems fail.



Discover how to maximize the yield in every part of your company and how every department and employee is connected to your success or failure.


Begin a discussion about your objectives and desires to take the first step towards building your five and ten year strategic business blueprint.



Find out what it really takes to become the true leader of your company and why most service companies fail to reach their maximum potential.



Discover how contractors just like you have grown their business, realized their true potential, secured financial freedom, freedom of time, and are living a life like no one else because they’ve built a business like no one else.

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