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Residential Contracting Professionals Attend Ignite 2019

Contractors throughout North America continue to show their dedication to their work and their businesses. During the last week of September, PRAXIS S-10 hosted more than 250 contracting professionals at the Westin Resort in Sarasota, Florida for the annual Ignite conference. Sarasota is also the birthplace of PRAXIS S-10 and the home office.

By attending Ignite 2019, members of PRAXIS S-10 had the opportunity to learn from experts about a variety of topics including management, recruiting top talent, employee training tools, company culture, and revolutionary marketing strategies.

“This is the roadmap our industry needs. Other meetings focus on ‘fun stuff’ and we need to be focused on the hard work of creating a strong business,” says Gary Woodruff of Hurley & David, Inc. from Springfield, MA.

Presenters at the conference included industry legends and PRAXIS S-10 Co-founders Terry Nicholson, and Jimmy Hiller. Hiller is owner of Hiller PHCE a Regional Powerhouse with over 400 service trucks. Other speakers included Darren Dixon, Cameron Brown V.P. of Digital Marketing for iHeart media, sharing their revolutionary opportunities to build digital marketing and advertising plans for companies of all sizes, Keni Thomas, a military veteran, country music singer, and leadership training expert, and Don Miller, from Total Tech, introducing a new tool for PRAXIS S-10 members to evaluate new technicians and build training plans for their staff. During the two days, PRAXIS S-10 members were flooded with new information and knowledge.

“The goal of Ignite is to bring real solutions to industry professionals facing very real problems in the changing landscape of our profession. It’s an honor to be able to bring these business owners and managers together with the experts who can help them improve upon their success,” says Chief Success Officer Terry Nicholson.

The two-day conference also included a trade show with vendors offering to share their solutions and product lines with the contractors in attendance. The companies in attendance expressed an overwhelming feeling of excitement for the learning and networking opportunities.

Daniel Hitt from Anthony’s Cooling & Heating in Palmetto, FL said, “There is a reason it’s called Ignite. It ignites your buried passion to fire up and change your company and the people’s lives it impacts.”

“Year after year Ignite has grown to include more members and more of the business solutions they need. Because I implement these practices in my own business, I know first-hand that this is the real deal. I’m excited to continue sharing the knowledge, and I know PRAXIS S-10 will continue to expand the offerings at Ignite in 2020,” says Jimmy Hiller, owner of Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical and Dean of Client Success for PRAXIS S-10.

About PRAXIS S-10: Founded as a success college for contractors, PRAXIS S-10 helps residential retail air conditioning and heating companies from across the United States and Canada build a training culture, prepare management and staff for the changing industry and consumer landscape, and take advantage of opportunities for successful and profitable growth. Utilizing a proven system to improve businesses and enhance business owners’ success, PRAXIS S-10 is not a best practices organization, but rather a strategic mentoring group providing an one-on-one approach to help contracting professionals get their business from where it is, to where they want it to be.


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