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Control Your Online Reputation

A rare individual with a rare zest for reptiles decided they wanted a pet. After importing a Burmese Python from Southeast Asia, the snake grew so large it was no longer appropriate as a house pet, so they released it into the Florida Everglades.

This single python is like the one bad review lurking and looming on your Yelp or other online review sites.

The truth remains that in this digital age of our lives, 92 percent of consumers are reading online reviews for help throughout the decision-making process on where to spend their money.

But, back to the Burmese Python saga, which continues to slither onward. Naturally, the lonely python laid eggs, so what was once a single python has multiplied over time into a population of 100,000.

These sly creatures exist at the top of the food chain. Their sizeable physical nature and generous appetite lends them to a diet of deer, birds, turtles and even alligators!

This reptile-saturated population threatens to eliminate all native animals in the Everglades should they continue to overpopulate.

Here’s one more thing you should know about these goliath serpents: They bite occasionally but the fear they instill upon their victims is not in their venom, it’s in

their strength.

They wrap around the victim to encapsulate them and their grip tightens to create constriction. Now multiply that strength by 100,000. Choke.

This vicious cycle can occur in your business if you don’t handle that one negative review.

According to B2C, “Eighty-six percent of consumers will decide against buying from you if they read negative reviews about you online.”

Negative reviews can stem from a number of different issues, but the most common complaints are:

Client had a negative customer service experience.There was a problematic issue with equipment.Multiple service visits from your company with no solution.

Here’s what you can do when you get a negative review:

Make a Call

Call the reviewer and listen to their side of the story. This not only shows that you care about the customer, it establishes a rapport with that individual.

Clients will be less likely to leave a negative review with a company they feel they have a relationship with.

Take it Offline

Publicly address the concern and encourage them to call you directly or email you. Public debates can go on and on, so if you can calmly take the conversation to a more private location, you could increase your success.

Compassion and Empathy

Show compassion and empathy. By fully hearing their concern, you will allow your client to share how they have been let down by your company.

This opens the door for you to fix it.

Instill confidence that you can make improvements and explain the impact of the review to the client.

Ask for Retraction

Sometimes simply by asking for a retraction or an additional review that shows your responsiveness is all it takes.

Online review sites can be great for business, as they can encourage consumers in the decision-making process to hire you.

One negative review, however, can take over the Everglades of your company and bring you one step toward extinction.


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