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How to Generate Profits During the Slow Months

When it’s 76 degrees outside and you’ve got no demand service calls, do you panic, get down in the dumps, or throw yourself a pity party?

A lot of contractors do. But not the successful ones. When demand service calls are down, it’s time to get smart!

First, replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and you’ll get positive results.

Second, don’t just go through the motions. If you’re doing business as usual only at a much slower pace, then you’re missing out on valuable opportunities! Weather helps your business, sure. But, if you look at it in the right light, you should realize you don’t have a weather-dependent business, but a weather-enhanced business.

Besides the obvious of having every employee in your company catch up on their training, which should be an ongoing endeavor, what, specifically, are you doing to stimulate new business when demand service calls are down?

If you don’t have a plan in place, now’s the time to get one. For example, this would be a great time to call on all of your club members and get those tune-ups out of the way. Of course, running tune-ups all day long isn’t going to solve your cash flow problem, unless you convert some of those calls into replacement or accessory sales.

This is where it’s time to get smart! Start by calling on those customers who’ve had service from you in the past three years that have older systems. Explain to them the benefits of getting their system tuned before the hot weather comes and that you’re running a tune-up special. Send your most effective communicator to these calls so they can present the options available to the client regarding why they should replace their old system with a new one, if applicable.

When your techs are out performing tune-ups, have them go to neighboring homes, knock on the door, and say, “Your neighbor just made sure their AC is ready for the summer, is yours?”

Oftentimes, customers will ask just one simple question in return: “What do I need to do to make sure it’s ready?” That’s when your technician pulls out his checklist and states, “Well let me share with you… here’s exactly what we do on the tune up and here’s exactly why you should have it done…,” then mention the three main 3 points on why they should have it done:

It reduces the probability of a breakdown. It extends the life of your system.

It will decrease your utility bill.  

Don’t be pushy, high pressure, or obnoxious… just make it available, and mention that it’s a part of this month’s special. If the homeowner doesn’t answer the door, leave a postcard or door hanger stating pretty much same thing… “Hey your neighbor… etc.”

Next, tackle the remaining customers in your database.  These clients would be ideal for joining your club membership program or getting a tune-up. Again, just explain to them the 3 main benefits of getting their system serviced.

It’s your business, so take initiative. So much of success is attitudinal. Mine your database and develop a call priority schedule. Just making the decision to do something will help you win, and remember:

Tough times never last, but smart contractors do.


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