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Start This Year With the Intention to Transform Your Business

Every so often, I search for the definition of a word. This ensures everything I’m communicating with my team is crystal clear. I recently looked up the word, “intentional,” which means that something is done in a way that is planned or intended. Ask yourself, in 2017, was everything that happened within your business intentional? I could sit back and say that we had the best year ever, pat myself and my team on the back, and say “good job, let’s do it again this year,” but if you don’t know why it happened, there is no way to repeat it.

I am spending a lot of time this month reviewing what happened at Hiller PHCE last year. We had the best year in history, and I want to know exactly how and why. I want to look at the struggles we experienced, so I can devise a plan on how to overcome these challenges in 2018 and beyond. I also want to review our achievements to know exactly what we did, so we can ensure we repeat those procedures. 

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